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Dynasty 400 on single phase actual input.

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  • Dynasty 400 on single phase actual input.

    I just bought a Dynasty 400 and am not happy with the input spec from the manual... What is the amp draw 230 volt single phase when maxed out at 400 amps.
    They show the amp draw under specifications as 47 amps when welding at 250 / volts 60% duty cycle, if I only needed 250 amps I would have gotten a 250 synchrowave......., but I need 400 amps, I'm killing my poor little 300 amp Dynasty welding 1" aluminum plate....., with preheat of course.

    My guess is closer to 85 amps when maxed out at 400 amps with a 5% duty cycle.

    I've been welding a lot of thicker aluminum lately so its easy to get close to maxing out the duty cycle.

    The plug that I've been using is a 60 amp Russell & stoll plug.