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Bobcat 250 no start

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  • Bobcat 250 no start

    We have 6 old machines that I'm going through to figure out whether or not to keep or sell.

    I have one bobcat 250 that will start when I pour gas in the carb but then does, I can figure that bit out I'm sure. Fuel pump, low oil sender, tune up etc.

    another one has 259x.x hours. When I turn the switch to run/idle or run, the gauge flashes. The first 2 fuel bars flash alternately and the red service led flashes. It wont ro anything when I try to start it. I can get the sides open to get to the battery yet but would a low battery cause that?

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    All the bobcat 250s (3) have kohlers. Also have 3 225nt with onans. I got one going with power at 120v and all weld outputs but nothing on 220v plug. irradically. The other 2 need batteries hooked up first


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      I would post the serial numbers and models one at a time so one of the techs can trouble shoot with you .
      Are you handy with a multimeter also good charged battery's are very important oil level also?
      Check the slip rings cleanup corrosion on them with 300 grit paper make sure the brushes move freely in there holders with no cracks or chips .Also clean rheostat contacts and cleanup the contacts on the coarse amp adjustment .


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        The unit you have to poor gas in the carb, could need a fuel pump rebuild or maybe just a good carb cleaning.
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          I got the ne running great by cleaning the carb, turns out the shut off solenoid was gummed up just enough. Purrs like a kitten now. Boss decided not to put anymore time into them and is going to sell them as is. I got the one that I cleaned the carb on. It has just over 700 hours and runs just as smooth as the one on my truck with 2xx hrs.