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Kudos to Miller

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  • Kudos to Miller

    Kudos to Miller

    I have been viewing the Forums for years and have learned much by
    reading the posts by the many well experienced members.
    While i hve not met any of the members and posters in person,
    I have developed an "image" of them in my mind.

    Showing my age but my analogy might be that everyone
    on the forums is a "pen pal" of great information.

    To paraphrase a tag-line from another company's ad
    "This information is priceless - and it is free"

    I imagine the forum requires a lot of maintenance
    and oversight to keep it sane and helpful.

    I truly need to also thank the members and posters
    who have done a great job of self-policing the forums.

    The Miller forums are my oasis of information and I
    turn to it almost daily for my "technical fix".

    Thank you Miller !
    Miller Dynasty 350, Dynasty 210 DX, Hypertherm 1000, Thermal Arc GTSW400, Airco Heliwelder II, oxy-fuel setup, metal cutting bandsaw, air compressor, drill press, etc.

    Call me the "Clouseau" of welding !

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    Well said. I have met and talked to quite a few Miller people and reps over the years. Great bunch of folks here...Bob
    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      We're so glad our Forums help you get your technical fix! We appreciate you sharing your knowledge with other welders and agree that members do a good job self-policing. We're happy to host this resource for welders of all experience levels and backgrounds.


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        Definitely a big THANK YOU to Miller but I fear you don't want my image in your mind. It'll keep you awake at night.
        MM200 w/spot controller and Spoolmatic 1
        Syncrowave 180 SD
        Bobcat 225G Plus LPG/NG w/14-pin*
        *Homemade Suitcase Wire Feeder
        *WC-1S & Spoolmatic 1
        PakMaster 100XL
        Marquette "Star Jet" 21-110


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          Great forum and great info.