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Need to get a TIG Welder - Which One?

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    I have an 8 year old syncrowave 200 that I love. Its a heavy machine, but it has larger wheels on the cart, which make it easier to move around. I would think about going with a longer torch if you need a little more flexibility. This will allow you to go higher also, if you are working on a boat or buggy. I was able to load the Syncrowave 200 into the back of my truck when I took it in for repair by using a sheet of plywood and a couple of 2x4s on the tailgate.. I have a newer 2500 chevy so it sits pretty high.


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      Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
      Don't rule out the used market. Most
      of my Arsenal has been previously thrashed.
      I second that.
      Syncrowave $2500 vs Dynasty $8000
      Easy choice for learning