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Diversion 165 issue

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  • Diversion 165 issue

    Hey guys looking for some guidance on an issue I've been having with my Diversion 165.

    When welding in AC (never happens in DC) randomly I have issues. In short it will strike an arc and instantly stop, when it does this it will not strike another arc until I turn the welder off (let the fan do it's cool down) and then turn the welder back on. This could go on 10 times in a row. I constantly check and clean tungsten, ground, re-positioning ground directly to the work piece.... makes no difference.

    If it does stay lit I can weld 12" straight without issues, sometimes when tapering off at the end of the weld I can tell it cuts the arc a bit early. If I try to light up again...nothing. The welder than needs to be power cycled again.

    This thing is been great to me however this issue seems a bit random. I could work on a piece and welding 90% of it one day without issues, come back the next day and spend the same amount of time trying to weld the last 10% of it because of having to try and get it to keep an arc.

    Quite a bit of profanity happens during this issue. lol

    I will note that the welder is stationary under my workbench. It's been there since I purchased it. Meaning it's not moved around, or used in different locations. Same work bench/welding table.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. I'm getting to the point that I've grown out of this welder but don't have the funds to upgrade right now so I need to keep this thing going for a bit longer.

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    call miller tech support. ask them what they think. Then you can decide where to take it to have the parts installed.
    Owner installed parts will not be covered by Miller parts warranty.
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      Take it in to an authorized miller repair center.
      If you continue to use it in the manner you are, you might simply finish it off for good vs simply doing a simple repair.
      The first time it quits and you continue to try and make it work is one thing...... but 10
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        I agree with both answers above. My first call would be to Miller tech. My experience with them has been great. They try to troubleshoot the issues over the phone before recommending you take it to a service center. They are real tech guys and not just some phone center. Kudos to Miller for having this available to the public.
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