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  • Gouging/plasma/air tools

    Looking for an engine driven air compressor around the $1000 range. Options are flooded. Dont know what to look for other than CFM has to be good and duty cycle at 100%. Not doing a lot of gouging, but a somehwat amount. Mainly for air tools. Only using 3/16 carbons.
    what im looking for:
    -good amount of CFM
    -100% duty cycle
    -gas consumption
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    I have an IR wheel barrow compressor. Runs 1/2" drive air gun and I also use an Arcair K2000 carbon arc torch with it. It does ok for what it is. If you want to run it all day then go bigger but bigger equals more money. I can gouge off shanks, open up cracks, etc. You said you only are going to run 3/16 carbons so I'm assuming you have a smallish torch like the K2000 is. As for reliability it has a Honda and always starts. Northern tool has it for $1000.
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    Trailblazer 250g
    22a feeder
    Lincoln ac/dc 225
    Victor O/A
    MM200 black face
    Whitney 30 ton hydraulic punch
    Lown 1/8x 36" power roller
    Arco roto-phase model M
    Vectrax 7x12 band saw
    Miller spectrum 875
    30a spoolgun w/wc-24
    Syncrowave 250


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      Are you only looking at new? Or is used an option? If your mechanical enough to do a carb cleaning/ kit it opens up most of the used market. I also have a wheel barrel style with a honda and a larger than stock pump that i assembled. Tanks from the scrap yard, motor i already had, only had to by the pump and plumbing. As said look for somthing with a honda.