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trailblazer 302 blown engine

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  • trailblazer 302 blown engine

    I am so upset right now. My 302's motor blew up, the con rod of course just like all the other ones. I knew about the issue, I changed the oil with full synthetic every 100 hours a lot of the times it was 90 hours. Changed plugs, both fuel filters, and air filter every single oil change, I went way above what was required in fear of it not lasting. At 1500 hrs it started burning a bit more oil and then got worse. Almost 1/2 litre every 10hrs run time. Took it to a kohler dealer and they said it was normal. 3400 hours it blows up, owned it for 6 years. I paid 4500 canadian and now a new one is $7500!!! Looking for recommendations on what I should do. Buy a new motor and have it installed? If I do that with the generator having 3400 hours on it how much longer is that going to last as an estimate? Couldn't come at a worse time.
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    1/2L every 10hrs run time normal?! I'd say that Kohler dealer/tech threw a rod too.

    Are you mechanically inclined? Could likely rebuild the original for less than having a complete new engine installed. That's if itsimply broke a rod and didn't damage the block and other components. I'd run the numbers including having the block bored if necessary.
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      Originally posted by duaneb55 View Post
      1/2L every 10hrs run time normal?! I'd say that Kohler dealer/tech threw a rod too.
      I was thinking the same thing...Bob
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        It had something to do with the harmonic balance with your TB302 and the Kohler engine. Welding at a certain temp all the time created flex in the crank shaft and would break the crank at the rod. I've never seen a broken rod buts possible. Second, I've seen Kohlers with 5000 hrs still not using a drop of oil. Your Kohler dealer was wrong. I wouldn't fix it unless you are sure it's just a rod. I suspect it's the crank too.


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          Is this issue on the trailblazers or did it effect all the Kohler engine drives? Is the issue fixed on newer models?


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            It was only on certain years of the TB and not on the Bobcats. The issue is non existent on newer machines.


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              All the small gas engines are throw away 3k hrs machines, We have had 2 that around 2500 to 3k they started to need motor work. If you use it everyday I would look for a low speed diesel.