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welding in a darker place?

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  • welding in a darker place?

    i m trying to weld a spot on my car that dont have much light. i cant see where to strike a weld. set on a 10. so i was trying to use a light but my millers classlic series auto darking helmet goes dark with the light could i turn the sensitivity down to use a light and how low can i turn the sensitivity down or what could i do

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    I usually run the sensitivity as low as I can on any auto helmet, usually works for me and rarely get flashed. If I get the flickers then I bump it up a bit.
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      I'll read that again when it gets capitalization and punctuation, so I'm not straining to read it.


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        That's why you need more than one helmet. I have an old school Hobart (non auto dark) just for that reason...Bob
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          I don't think the classic series has an adjustable sensitivity feature. Try positioning your flashlight so the is coming from behind you instead.