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2016 TB oil leak

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  • 2016 TB oil leak

    My Miller Trailblazer 325 gas efi has about 95 hours on it, and I changed the oil at 75 hours or so. When I did, no problems, but in the last 10 hours or so, I noticed an oil leak that looked like it was coming from around the new oil filter. Changed that, no leak from the filter now. But the motor is still leaking oil as I am finding a little oil pool around metal plate underneath the oil filter. On this machine, has there been any reports of leaks? It is under warranty, but I would rather not have to take it off the trailer.

    I am running some JD 10w-30 small engine oil (conventional) at this time. The oil filter is Kohler brand. Appreciate any help.

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    Check with the engine manufacture for warranty work...Bob
    Bob Wright

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      Will do.