Hey all, just picked up a WC-115a with contactor kit, and a Spoolmatic 30a

Looking to hook up to our XMT 304

The WC-115a manual leaves alot to be desired far as hook up instructions and our first spoolgun at the shop...

Can we use the wc-115a without a wc-24?

If so, hookup looks pretty straight forward; spoolgun 14 pin to WC115. Spoolgun lead to WC115 lead terminal, that goes out the back to the positive on the XMT. WC115 14 pin to XMT 14 pin. WC115 power cord into wall (using in shop only)

Just ground using the ground clamp coming off the negative on the XMT? (Have DX wire feed hooked up now)

There is a small clamp coming off the wc115, looks like it goes to a voltage sensor. Is that needed for this set up?

Do we have to arrange any jumpers inside the 115?

Which mode to use on the XMT?