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Who's manufacturer of John Deere 295 Stick welder?

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  • Who's manufacturer of John Deere 295 Stick welder?

    Was wondering in anyone knew who made the John Deere 295 amp AC arc / stick welder. I came across one at a sale. It's like a large battery booster design on wheels like a movable battery booster...just bigger.
    I searched what I could on the net and perhaps it was made by Century for John Deere...anyone confirm?
    Is this style a decent machine? I was looking for something to build a car trailer.. and a used machine would be fine. What's this 295 AC unit worth typically?
    It has a date code of 020885 , which I expect means Feb 8, 1985 as a date of manufacture.

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    Century and Schumacher are the big relabelers. Schumacher is the same family as the top fuel driver and they make ok machinery, but I am not a fan of Century at all. Can't say for certain.


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      Looks like this if anyone has an idea on a similar pull the knob to release the dial so you can turn up the amps...then push the knob back in.
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        It loks more like it might be made by Marquette, but Century is still a possibility. It does not look like the Century badged welder I used to sell.


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          I used to sell marquette models that were made by schumacher the design looks similar to schumacher. That would be my bet, but I have no proof of that.


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            Thanks for posting some info. I'll keep those brands in mind... I may call John Deere dealer and ask them if they know anything about them yet too.