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S—32P Suitcase Welder Problems/Not Working

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  • S—32P Suitcase Welder Problems/Not Working

    I recently acquired a Miller Super S-32P suitcase welder to use with my Miller 225G Plus Bobcat. The suitcase welder was very cheap because it has been exposed to the elements (i.e left outside for some unknown timeframe) and not used in a very long time. However last time it was used, it supposedly worked. It is a S-32P with the optional gauges.

    First thing I did was plug it into my 225G to see if it worked and absolutely nothing happened. I then opened it up and cleaned all the contacts I could and checked the internal fuse, it was good. When I plugged it back into the 225G again to check it, when set to CV mode, I was able to hear clicking sound from the solenoid when I pull the trigger on the wire feeder and the volts on the front gauge nearly max out, but the wire drive motor does not move. When unplugged, I cannot rotate the wire feed wheels, which I expected due to the gearing.

    I knocked on the motor a bit to see if I could break the brushes loose, still only got the clicking noise from the solenoid and no movement from the wire drive motor.

    I opened the unit back up, cleaned the motor brushes and checked for continuity through the wires connecting to the motor, all seemed ok. I hooked it back up and no change, clicking from the solenoid when I plug the wire feed trigger but no motor movement.

    When I have the suitcase welder in CC mode absolutely nothing happens, no reading on gauges, nothing.

    At this point I don’t know what else to do. I looked around online for a replacement drive motor and the only one I found was close to a grand. And I am not sure if it is the control board or the wire drive motor. Before I consider dumping in money into it is like to confirm the problem.

    pictures were apparently too large to attach. Please see link for any photo reference.

    thanks again,

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    for feeder to work, welder output must be turned on. one weld lead connected to feeder and the sense lead connected to the other. Power switch on.
    but you must install missing fuse before the gun trigger will cause feeder to feed wire and the contactor pull in.
    your picture shows the fuse cap is missing. after that you will need a test voltmeter and check to see if OCV is getting to the pcb.
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