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    I had some one tell me I cant run antifreeze in my cooler I need the miller cooler water not sure what every one is doing
    I just want to say I have syncrowave 250 and a 300 with a water cooler I been running gm dexcool since 1986 when I purchased the welder and never have a problem befor miller ever had a coolent
    I use the dexcool because its made aul motors and its red I change it like 6 years ago it was fine and added new I also have a frend that has a shop all they use is tap water running throught the torch returns to a hole in the wall drains on the ground they use it every day for 30 years just wondering what the miller water is better for
    I do all welding aul steel ac dc up to 300 amp

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    Yer fine.

    I have a friend that is a **** of a tig welder that does the tap water to drain as well.
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      30+ years your fine, I run distilled water for last 20+ only cause I got dogs out with me and it never gets below 32 degrees in shop, lincoln up until the last couple years always suggested distilled water in their coolers until they put their name on a 30 dollar a gallon coolant


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        I used to use RV anti freeze in my old 250 syncrowave, they say one of the benefits of the miller coolant ( This is from a discussion we had on here a few years ago, maybe 5 or 6 ) The miller coolant doesnt conduct the electricity, I put the miller coolant in my new Dynasty 300 DX, that is, it was new 6 or 7 years ago... I dont get zapped like I used to when holding the torch.


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          I use the miller now
          On my old Airco, I used regular anti-freeze and if you sprang a leak and you got wet and hit the pedal it would knock your D!CK in the D!RT!!!

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            That is a pretty good reason to not use regular antifreeze.