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Dark spot on edge of digital elite LCD

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  • Dark spot on edge of digital elite LCD

    I had this weird dark spot appear on the edge of my LCD today (helmet is one of the first digital elites, so it’s about 10 years old). Has anyone seen this, and if so do you think it can be repaired or should I start looking for a replacement. It isn’t in my line of sight yet, but I’m a little worried it’ll grow.

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    Miller wants to be different than all other forums, so I can't tell you how to get the pics bigger than a thumbnail. I wouldn't bank on fixing it. Just get a backup lens on your shopping list soon in case it does get worse. I think there is a dead spot or two in one of my hoods, but it's been so long without getting any worse, I can't even remember what hood it's on.

    Alternative answer: Those pics are just perfect. Sorry, dude, it's you.


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      Thanks Mac, both of your answers are equally crappy news for me. Hopefully it doesn't get any bigger, but like you say, probably time to start shopping around.


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        I had an older DE, I think despite having to buy a new hood, once you do (if you buy a quality one) you'll be glad. The optical qualities are much better then when your DE was made. I bought a Miller Digital Infinity and was happy with the upgrade, but it can be a little front heavy due to the larger window. I recently bought the Optrel e684 and like that even more. Also the Lincoln Viking series is supposed to be very good.

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