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Anybody have any used parts for XMT 350?

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  • Anybody have any used parts for XMT 350?

    I need one of the capacitors C12, C13 the screws on both ends to screw these capacitors into the case and the mods1 and 2 with their screw parts. Is there any place that sells these items used? You can pm me with anything you may have. As a hobbyist it is really expensive to try to repair these machines through a dealer network.

    Thank you in advance

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    I don't know of any place to buy used parts, especially capacitors; perhaps someone else does. If they are electrolytic caps, you probably don't want used ones anyway--they have a shelf life, and if they sit around unused, they can go bad. If you install one thats shorted, you might take out some more expensive components. With the right knowledge and setup, you can test and "reform" them before installation (google electrolytic capacitors; there is a wealth of info), but it requires a bit of equipment and some knowledge. Also a risk you take with buying them from the surplus market for the same reason. The prices are steep, for sure. At 70, I still have a tough time seeing parts for 30-50 bucks that I got for a couple of dollars back in the day, but then crotchety old guys are always talking about the old days..... Sounds like the parts you need have a pretty specific physical configuration, which makes it even harder. Have you tried with the Miller part numbers? Is there a manufacturer part number on the components, or only a Miller number? Someone had to make them for Miller, and you might be able to cross the number and look at Allied, Digi-key, Mouser, TEDSS, etc.