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Took cover off XMT 350 before firing up: What do you think? (pics inside)

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  • Took cover off XMT 350 before firing up: What do you think? (pics inside)

    I posted this also on the weldingweb forum to try and find some experts on this machine to give some advice incase some of you visit both sites and see this twice.

    I picked this up at auction and I will be using this as a 240V single phase machine at home. Before firing it up I thought I would open it up and check it out. I have never owned a miller before so I am not sure what tips/tricks I should consider before putting the juice to it and doing some stick welding.

    What I thought was odd was in pic 4 there was a round thin plastic circle just sitting inside the machine. Also there were some loose screws (very loose) where some of the wires connected to the PCB boards. There was also a connector on one of the PCB's not plugged in completely. I am starting to think that someone started to trouble shoot this thing and stopped, put it all back together and sold it!

    In general my questions are as follows:

    1) Any idea what the plastic piece is in pic 4?
    2) Any idea why the screws for the connections of some of the wires on the PCB were so loose (specifically the wire I am pointing at in pic 2)?
    3) Any idea why the connector I am pointing at in pic 3 was not plugged in?
    4) In pic 2 there is a chassis green wire just hanging off the side of one of the PCBs. Should this be grounded to the chassis somehow in order to complete the circuit for ground?
    5) Anything else I should be looking for or any specific maintenance I should do?

    Thanks a lot in advance. I just don't want to power this thing up and learn the hard way that something may be overlooked.
    Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3

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    I think you're right on; someone tried to fix it, gave up, sold it. You need to find the pre-power-up test steps from Miller. Probably will need a Miller tech. I would not turn it on without those checks--just my two cents worth.


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      Thanks for the feedback. I hope I am wrong about the "tried to fix it and put it back together" part. I am hoping that this thing just traveled a lot in the back of a truck and these things came loose on their own. It would be good to get a Miller tech read on this to see if they see these types of things when they repair these devices. Maybe they see a lot of loose connections as faults.


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        Just doesn't seem like so many things would be loose from being hauled around. Equipment is hauled around all the time without having parts coming loose or falling off inside. Someone disconnected that stuff.

        I know Miller has a set of tests they can run before power up in a case like this. They might be willing to walk you through it on the phone if you call tech support, but I don't know. I know they do help with troubleshooting on the phone.. Call 1-800-4-a-miller and ask for tech support.


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          It appears that the screws that conect the large capacitors are missing and in fact only one capacitor is in the machine so there are definitely problems, the board on the side pic 2 appears to have been removed and never completely put back, get a technical manual and start studying it ! Good luck Jon P.


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            Yeah I will probably need to call Miller but I am hoping Cruizer gets a look at this before I do and see what he thinks


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              Cruizer hasn't posted in quite some time but he might show up. 1997CST may be able to help if he sees this.


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                I think you will agree by now that things didn't just vibrate loose from riding around in the back of a truck.

                In order for cruizer, 1997CST or anyone else to help with any troubleshooting, a unit SN will be needed in the event there were any model year design variations.
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                  Thanks for the follow up Duane. I have bitten the bullet and sent it into Brians weld repair in Westland Michigan as he came recommended by 3 LWs. He has already analyzed and ordered the mods/caps and PC-2. It should be up and running next week. FWIW it isn't a cheap fix but with new parts it should be rock solid for another 15 years. My next posts on this forum will be to check my welds (hopefully).