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Dialarc HF no HF start

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  • Dialarc HF no HF start

    Tried using my old dialarc HF today first attempt git a HF start but the machine didn't seem to respond to the pedal. When I lifted off the pedal the arc continued. Went back and tried it again and now no hF start at all but switched it over and it scratch started but now no gas. Thinking about it no there wouldn't be any gas because the foot pedal is not being used, let me know if I am correct in my thinking or not. So could it possibly be the gas solenoid but would that affect the HF start or possibly bad contacts in the foot pedal?

    Also are the coolers supposed to be loud? This thing sounds a lot louder than I think it should be but hey if I knew the answer I wouldn't be asking for help.

    Thank you for your input it's always appreciated

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    please post your serial number


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      Originally posted by Busted_Knuckles View Post
      ...Also are the coolers supposed to be loud?...
      Why is your entire post in bold print?

      Coolers might or might not be loud. Loud is a relative term. You didn't even tell us which cooler you have.