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  • Maxstart 300DX - Wireless Pedal

    Hi all, I am new to the forums however I have read many many posts in the past while learning how to tig weld and am amazed by the vast amount of knowledge here! I have been tig welding 316 stainless (sheet metal and tubing) for a few years on a Maxstar 300DX. A couple weeks ago, I purchased a Miller 300429 wireless kit and connected it up to the 14-pin connector. Unfortunately, it wouldn't initiate the remote start of the tig process when depressing the pedal. It does cause the "fast blink" on the transmitter when depressing the pedal so I am confident it is receiving a signal. I currently use a RFCS-14 pedal wired (same 14-pin connector) and was trying to convert to the wireless world to save from frustration of having to chase the cord around the table.

    Do I possibly need an adapter or change the pin-out in some way? Any help would definitely be appreciated with this problem. Thank you!

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    Don't see the Maxstar 300 DX listed on the compatibility chart.
    Also don't see the Dynasty 300 listed so it may still work.

    Even though the manual says that the transmitter and receiver are paired from the factory,
    I would try to re-program them.
    Section 3-12 - page 15 of the manual.
    I had to reprogram mine when I replaced batteries.
    Good luck
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