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So what is the verdict on the Optima pulser for XMT machines?

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  • So what is the verdict on the Optima pulser for XMT machines?

    I have been doing a lot of reading on the pulse options for the XMT 350 cc/cv and I see a number of mixed feedback on the effectiveness of this device. Some state that it works so-so but other state it doesn't work at all. Lastly I have tried to locate this device on a number of sites and they state discontinued and no replacement is available.

    So my questions are as follows:

    1) Is this pulser still available for the XMT 350?
    2) If not available then is there a replacement in the works?
    3) Is this device worth having for pulse mig/tig?

    I like the idea of the pulser to control power source duty cycle and reduce heat transfer to some metals like aluminum and ChroMo. Also looks to be the ticket for thin sheet metal.

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    With the feedback being so-so and poo-poo, if it was me, that option would be bye-bye.


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      So is the reason these are no longer readily available is because Miller has decided that these devices are not operating in the way they were intending to work? So for pulsed mig/tig for the XMT 350 there is no option available any more?