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AC and Spool Gun off of Trailblazer?

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  • AC and Spool Gun off of Trailblazer?

    After a long hard week of decision making i decided to switch over from a bobcat to a trailblazer. Im looking to buy a gas Trailblazer 325 GFCI EFI Excel Power engine drive. My only issue from the bobcat to the trailblazer is, it doesnt run AC Tig. I looked in the miller catalogue and it says to " add Dynasty* ".
    Since the dynasty is so expensive, am i able to buy an Question #1: Eastwood AC/DC tig machine for $600 that already has all the leads included and run AC off the trailblazer? Or i would have to buy an inverter or something in between? I know the eastwood has a 60% duty cycle, but this is just to get the job done basically, maybe upgrade in the future, trailblazer already sucked all the money out of me.
    Question #2: Am i able to run a spool gun straight from the trailblazer itself for fluxcore, hardwire and aluminum? Or do I need a suitcase in between or some sort of machine. Again i can upgrade in the future i need to obtain some funds though. Answers much appreciated, thanks!

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    If your going to run an inverter welder like the Eastwood AC/DC tig or a dynasty, your plugging it in to the 220v 50 amp plug in the trailblazer to provide power for the inverter welder. Your not using AC or DC weld power from the trailblazer in this situation. Your simply using the trailblazer as a generator.
    To run a spoongun from your trailblazer, I'm pretty sure you need the weld control box plus the spool gun. There is no gas control system built into the trailblazer. This is the same for the bobcat. This is described in detail in the owners/operators manual for each machine.
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