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feeder issue, I ain't smart enough

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  • feeder issue, I ain't smart enough

    hey guys, I have a 70 series 24V feeder s/n MD451110U. It will half ass arc the wire sometimes, and sometimes it welds just fine. When it screws up it will just turn the wire red, but wont melt it. I've had it to the shop and they couldn't get it to do it but once. cant fix it if you cant get it to act up. I've blew it out, checked all connections, looked over board. I'm lost, any ideas

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    Did you take it to the shop with your power source or was it tested with theirs?

    Lots of details are missing. What is your power source and what are all of your settings? Assuming steel?


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      power supply is a delta weld 652, set at 28/435. Yes we are doing structural steel. did not take the power supply, they got it to happen at the very beginning with their power supply. But then it quit and couldn't get it to replicate again. But when I brought it back and hooked it up only worked for about ten minutes. if I hook another feeder to that power supply it works just fine. definetly in the feeder I think