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XMT 350 clicking on power up

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  • XMT 350 clicking on power up


    I picked up an untested XMT 350 CC/CV dirt cheap. I opened the case and found a 1/2” lock nut between the case and board at the front where the knobs and display are. I removed it and proceeded to look around. I didn’t see anything that looked obviously bad. I powered it up 230 single phase and it didn’t do anything for about 10-15 seconds then clicked/popped loudly for a few seconds then stopped. Nothing appeared on the displays. Can someone please tell me what this implies or give me an idea what to test? I bought it as a project fully aware it could be worthless, so don’t feel bad telling me if you think it’s scrap. Thank you!


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    Can you describe the noise more? Did the clicking get faster or slower? Was the popping ouch-my-ears loud or just loud? How fast was the clicking? Did it pop only at the end before it got quiet? To judge by sound alone ya gotta get painfully specific.

    Loose connections cause arcing faults cause popping noises. What does it look like under the cover?