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Aead 200le s/n hf834293

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  • Aead 200le s/n hf834293

    I purchased this machine have used it several times on farm repairs the problem i have is that if i move the throttle control from idle to second notch with switch in power postion engine dies full throttle in weld postion seems fine should it operate like that

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    What kind of shape is your carb in it clean or does it run rough ?
    Gov springs and govenor adjustment settings also need to be looked at ,you can download a manual from this site with your serial # witch has the adjustment settings .
    At weld speed gov should be set off your single grinder 110 outlet set your multi meter to htz setting you should be reading a little over 100htz no load .
    At power speed your duplex receptacle should be putting out around 62.5 htz .
    You can also purchase a kilowatt meter at one of the box stores and plug it right in for your readings if you don't have a multimeter .D


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      Thanks for the good info,i will check those items out and reply might have to wait until weekend


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        Download and read the unit manual. That's how it's designed to work.

        There's a "Power Protection Switch" operated by the throttle that kills the engine if the throttle is moved to the WELD position with the WELD/POWER switch left in the POWER setting. This feature prevents the operator from hitting any device(s) plugged in to the auxiliary power receptacles with excessive voltage and frequency that would result at WELD speed.
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