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CWB & B Pressure Questions For You Rig Welders In Alberta

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  • CWB & B Pressure Questions For You Rig Welders In Alberta

    I have a few questions about a B Pressure and CWB certifications with regard to operating your welding rig.

    My questions are,

    1.) CWB certifications expire in 2 years; yet if you are not employed by a company that practices CWB procedures (within 90 days) your certifications could be pulled or you are required a check test. How does this work if you are operating your own welding rig and not under contract with a company that will send you for testing?

    2.) On the ABSA site it states that with your B Pressure test you are required to provide your employer name and list of locations in which you will be working. How does this work if you are running a welding rig, sort of going all over the place?

    Sorry,, newbie questions.

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    Answer to question 1. Never heard of anyone having their CWB pulled if not used for 90 days. It certainly could happen if you did something real foolish and were reported to the CWB but I've never heard of it happening.
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      I have never heard of that either, its insane!
      But it says right there on the back of your CWB card, Conditions of use #3. " This qualification may be revoked by the CWB if the individual is not engaged in the process qualified for a period of 3 months or more".

      What the heck does that mean, CWB is a cash grab? cough cough.*


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        I never ever heard anything about the cwb revoking your qualifications. I never seen any cwb repersentives at where I work. There has been lots of provincial and federal inspectors for piling but never any cwb repersentives. My "b" pressure ticket is renewed annually with the province without a retest unless the chief boiler inspector calls for a retest but I have never heard of that also.