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  • xmt repair

    Is it possible to purchase a technical manual for a 350 here?
    i previously repaired a couple of 304's but im pretty sure that manual wont be much use.
    can provide serial number if needed
    thanks in advance

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    Nope. Miller won't sell them...Bob
    Bob Wright

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      Okay after a bit of pre power testing the igbts are toast,the bleed resisters are open and caps are questionable.
      i have searched for the igbts but cat find them anywhere.
      i need to make sure they werent replaced before with non original replacements, as there is evidence a relay has been replaced.
      part # semikron skiip 83ec125t1 are these original?


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        Yes, those IGBT modules are original. They are custom made for Miller. You won't find them retailed anywhere.

        Based on the XMT 350s I've seen, the Semikron modules Miller put in them for boost and inverter IGBTs don't hold up well. I've seen so many of them reduced to a copper board under soot and melted goo. Even the ones that don't get wrecked tend to fail quietly and irreversibly. Sounds like that's what happened to your machine.

        I think Miller still sells the a kit with the PC2 board and both modules for $$$. Buying from a Miller distributor or are your only options.

        Bleed resistors and capacitors are readily available on eBay, however! Out of circuit, what's the capacitance and resistance across the terminals of each? You probably already know this, but do make sure to check that there is not a harmful voltage level stored in these caps before you do anything handsy with them.


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          Thanks for taking the time to reply Sempre Burnt soot and melted goo is pretty much what i found. the caps i safely discharged,but there wasnt much charge dis'd.a few machines have been through the shop since i tested the caps,so i cant remember exact values but they were enough for me to condemn. the customer doesnt want to spend $1500 on a complete assembly so if the igbts are available it will be a parts machine