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  • Starter Mobile Welding Truck (Alberta)

    Hello everyone,

    I'm Mr-Gas and also a new member! I have a few questions about mobile welding specifically in Alberta. Any advise would help!!

    Quick info about me,
    I am a young guy, Journeyman Red Seal Welder in Alberta with about 3 years experience. My experience came from welding in the transportation industry welding aluminum, also with steel fabrication and welding experience. Overall I don't have a lot of time under my belt but I would say I am fairly rounded and confident in my abilities.

    I have recently started up a welding rig, properly.. so I think*

    It is experimental and I would like to see it grow, however I need good advise on how to get started. Things to do, people to see, stuff to consider. I would be doing small jobs to start, general repair and small pre-fab, so on.

    My set up is:
    2M liability, full commercial vehicle coverage including equipment, WCB, safety tickets, CWB tickets, and of course a corporation set up with a GST # and bank accounts. ( I think a stable foundation)

    -----------My questions lay within the truck set up.------------

    1. Being young, I want to take baby steps as this welding rig is more of a experimental hobby if you will. I've managed to find an older truck in amazing condition.(1990 Ford F250 4x4 with beefed up suspension) that as a starter should work for the time being. Can anyone see a problem with this route aside from if its reliable or not? Is it too old? too small? Wont meet regulations on site?

    2. Any advise on where to start looking once operational? (What are some good tools to find jobs or contracts?) Where did you start out and how?

    Thank you for all input, I am curious to see how everyone got their start and if I am approaching this with enough caution, or enough baby steps to get started.

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    B Pressure certification would open a lot more door for you combined with your CWB.
    I don't see any portable welder yet in your rig?
    New construction is slow. Are you interested in Fort Mac, Edmonton or Calgary areas for work?
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      That is a very good point. I do intend to get B pressure but as an experimental stage right now I do not want to pay for the insurance associated with it if I know I can't necessarily get work in the field because it's so slow. I have a mint 1978 Sa-200 in the back but I am looking at replacing it with a 305g or 302 miller, its almost 1000lbs difference. As for work, Edmonton area is preferred. I have a 300km radius around Edmonton in my insurance policy.

      Thank you for your input by the way.


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        Machines make so much difference in what you are able to do IMO.
        If you are stick welding steel you have the perfect starter machine already.
        If you are wanting to get on big jobsites for oil industry, I've heard they want you to have a newer vehicle.
        If you want to do mobile aluminum then you will possibly want to change a lot IMO. A bigger generator style machine (8000+ watts) and something like a Dynasty 280 would work nice for mobile tig. Mobile mig aluminum would require more equipment yet.
        It would take a giant vehicle to do it all and do it justice, whereas you could do mobile tig out of the trunk of a Camry if you use customers electric, and make the same money at restaurants and marinas. That providing you can do the quality of work they desire.
        I hear logging industry welding can be really good in the right situations too.
        It all boils down to where you can find the work you can stand to do every day, and if you can get you foot in the door enough to hang on to it.
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