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Air products welder made by miller

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  • Air products welder made by miller

    I have a welder sold by air products made by miller that I'm looking for some info on. It is a DA200AGEL, which is actually a AEAD200LE but can't make the ser. Come up Hj116095. Would like to figure out which owners manual is the right one to use for it, also am looking for the instructions to set speeds to be right. Everything seems to still be working. Am just cleaning up and getting all set.

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    If you have figured out the ser no correctly, your manual should be at this link:

    Cruizer's guidance for setting weld RPM on these smaller machines is to adjust for 62.5 hz frequency at the 60 hz utility outlet (no load)-- better and easier than a tachometer. If you don't have a multimeter that measures frequency you can get a Kill-A-Watt meter that will do it at Home Depot for twenty-some bucks.


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      And 100 -102
      htz at weld speed from the single grinder plug should be 2 prong plug .


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        That's a 1978 machine onan cck make sure the seals in fuel pump on top are good they dry rot after time and leak gas into the crankcase not good for the engine oil.
        Onan parts has the rebuild kit .
        The manual will show how to adjust your govenor /throttle to get proper power /weld rpm .
        welcome to the group D