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1976 Miller Dialarc dead stick

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  • 1976 Miller Dialarc dead stick


    I have an old HH Model dialarc from 1976 that I purchased off craigs list. I'm a hobbyist welder and have used the welder maybe 5 or 6 times since I picked it up a few months ago. I was running at about 100 amps DC and paused with the machine running to change sticks. When I went back to welding I had a dead stick. The machine was still "on", the fan still runs but I can't get a spark. I have it hooked up at 240v and a 50amp breaker. I've tried hitting the reset switch on the face of the machine with no luck. I opened up the panels and nothing looks fried and there are no burnt smells.

    Everything looks good inside and I don't know where to start in trying to figure out the issue. Anyone mind sharing a link to a troublwedding shooting procedure or mind sharing their ideas?

    Thank you!

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    Please post your serial number so we can look at the correct diagrams. There is likely a simple troubleshooting chart in the manual; do you have one? If not, go to the support section of this website and look under manuals. You probablywon't be able to find one that old using the ser no search field but if you use the second field and search by the ne you will likely find it.

    Do you have any training or experience troubleshooting inside live equipment that can kill you If you touch the wrong thing?


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      Hi, thank you for the reply. The serial number is HH016237 but I didn't find that in the serial number look up. It did come with an old manual,
      FORM OM-314C
      Effective with serial number HF83949

      Yes, the serial number is an HH and the manual is an HF. The manual diagrams match what I see on the welder in my inexperienced eyes.

      to answer your question, no I do not have any experience trouble shooting live machines.

      In the manual under trouble shooting,
      No output or weldingredients current: Open line fuse Orlando power switch defective.
      Remedy is listed as replace fuse or replace switch.

      I've went all over the parts diagram and no where does it list a fuse. So from reading other posts on the forums I'm assuming they mean the breaker box in my garage or the one in the unit.

      The welder fan turns on when I turn on the unit so I know it's not the switch or the wall breaker. If the unit is on and I use a multimeter on the breaker in the unit I should get a current if it's working correctly, yes?

      Thank you,



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        Where does the Orlando power switch plug in?


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          Sorry, it was auto corrected. I meant to say

          In the manual under trouble shooting,
          No output or weldingredients current: Open line fuse OR power switch defective.
          Remedy is listed as replace fuse or replace switch.

          the power switch is on the front face of the welder. When I turn it on the fan comes on so I don't think it's the switch.


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            Open the machine and make sure the mains are not faulty. Just because the fan comes on doesn't mean it's getting 240v. Also check your leads and make sure you don't have a failed connection on either end.


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              Check the main power coming in at the wall, inside the welder AND at the switch. If that's all good and the leads aren't corrupt, Wayne will have to help you. Reading schematics is about the same as reading Chinese tea leaves to me.


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                Need to have the complete name from the machine--what variety of dialarc is it? There were many different dialarc configurations.