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Miller Challenger 172 aluminum

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  • Miller Challenger 172 aluminum

    I'm not looking to weld aluminum much but I've saw videos on youtube about using a mig gun with aluminum wire to weld aluminum(with birdsnests and other problems!) Would my Miller 172 work like this or would I need a frequency kit? Thanks!!

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    I've never used that machine, but I would guess you're gonna fight birdsnests and other problems. I don't know what a frequency kit is that your mentioned, so I don't have any input on that. Never heard of it. But, if you're gonna try it anyway, which you probably will, you'll need 100% argon to do it and I would suggest the biggest wire your machine will run in a'll be a little stiffer than 4043.


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      NO expert, but the 172 should weld just like you have it if you can get everything adjusted so that it does not birdnest, with the argon of course.
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        I hope it works for you. I have not had success running small aluminum wire in a small wire feed welder. I can run aluminum wire in my MM250, but it's also 3/64 wire. I have heard people say that if you install a Teflon liner then you can run it, but I do not have first hand experience with it.