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180 tig no gas

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  • 180 tig no gas

    Welds but no gas flow from machine. It set up for 7 yrs un used an pulled it out for a back up while my 350 was getting check up. Worked fine 1st time didnt have gas after we shut down 4 lunch an restarted machine turned it on an off a few times an it would purge gas randomly on power on but nothing when welding. Now i dont get anythang when i flip on or weld. Suggestions? This welder les than 9 hrs sence brand new but has set for yrs in climate controlled shop.

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    Gas cylinder turned on? Gas flow at regulator is what setting? What is the model number? Have you been through the troubleshooting section in the manual, available from the Support link at the top of the page. What are all your machine settings?


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      I had a similar problem with my 200dx, I took the gas valve apart and lubed the solenoid plunger reassembled and no problems since. It was sticking, sometimes it would work sometimes not.
      mike sr