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Syncrowave 250 power issues

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  • Syncrowave 250 power issues

    Need a little help on my Syncrowave 250. I just rebuilt the Tig runner because of some leaks. When plugged into the welder it surges and overheats. But when I plug into regular 110 socket in the shop it runs with no problems. Part of the same issue when trying to weld the arc kinda sputters then shuts off and comes back on again. The arc is no longer consistent at all. Double checked the HF and the gap is dead on. I was told it may be the on off switch. Anyone else had this problem as I have not found anything listed like this.

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    Switch is a possibility. Unplug the machine and wire some appropriately sized jumpers around the switch and see if the problem goes away. Also check the connection at the wall outlet and the welder primary cord/ connections.


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      ...or just move the power input wires to the screws on the downstream side of the switch to bypass it. (If it has screws--might be Fast-On connectors, which wouldn't be so easy).


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        Ok thanks for the info, I will check this out.