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stainless & mild steel welding

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  • stainless & mild steel welding

    14ga SS Welded to 14ga. MS . Panels would it be safe to weld. With just. C25. And mild steel mig wire. To keep cost of consumable down.
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    It depends on your definition of "safe". Will you be able to run an actual bead and cause fusion of the base metals? Yup, think so. But there are likely better procedures for it than just using mild steel wire on C25.
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      309 is a better choice for joining stainless and mild steel.


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        It will work but the weld will rust...Bob
        Bob Wright

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          Originally posted by eecervantes83 View Post
          14ga SS Welded to 14ga. MS . Panels would it be safe to weld. With just. C25. And mild steel mig wire. To keep cost of consumable down.
          Maybe. Is someone's life depending on the weld?
          What is the alloy of the stainless? What does it do?
          How thick are the panels? What is their purpose?
          I seldom let my customers decide what procedures to use just to save money, because when it goes wrong it's always on me. I like being the high dollar guy that people would rather not call unless they don't know what to do. It makes me lots more money. Win-Win
          If safe means will it fuse and hold, then your chances are pretty good. The mild steel filler will dilute into the stainless base metal and good chance weaken it.
          309 is generally used to join stainless to carbon steel
          Stainless exhaust pipe gets welded everyday with mild steel wire on cars.
          It may last forever.

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            I wouldn't use mild steel if it's not been cold formed. Even then corrosion resistance is pretty poor. Maybe you could harden them otherwise? Or just use a stainless steel grade as Fusionking has already suggested, 309. I'd definitely invest in a better material either way.
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              Unless this is something not critical, in which case you just need it to stick together soundly without worrying about maximum strength or corrosion resistance. Can't really recommend more expensive material not already in possession without knowing what the project is.