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Millematic Dual tank 252 mig machine

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    Thanks Bukit for clearing that up on the MM252.

    I only have a spool gun for my Passport so that is where I use the QR since I have to use the internal supply line and when I had the tig machine I could swap the Argon back and forth between the two machines
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      Originally posted by BukitCase View Post
      The dual running gear is so you can use a separate Argon tank for your spool gun ... The spool gun gas supply is entirely EXTERNAL to the machine, so no need for another solenoid...
      And there's the answer that makes it all make sense!


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        I took both my tanks off my welders and built a rack and chained them to the rack, so they both have 50' hose's on them with lincoln quick connect's they are a funky looking made for I guess air but I wanted something different from what my air tools use that way there would be no accidents. with 3 welders that use either argon or C25 it became a pain moving bottles around. as soon as I decide on a permanent location for the tanks I will but in auto hose reels for my gas, I just don't know what took me so long to think of this


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          Originally posted by BukitCase View Post
          The dual running gear is so you can use a separate Argon tank for your spool gun - only gripe I've had is that, IMO Miller should have added a second lead rack for the spool gun, instead of expecting you to sort out power, ground, mig torch and spool gun every time you wanna weld something - so I added a second lead rack on the other side, just for the spool gun. Hopefully my pix will actually show up, but don't hold your breath...

          The spool gun gas supply is entirely EXTERNAL to the machine, so no need for another solenoid - the spool gun trigger (15A, 30A) will supply gas ANY time you squeeze the trigger, power on or OFF.
          This is true. Unless you are set up with push-pull.
          In my case the dual cylinder rack does nothing more than store another bottle mix that I may use when I change material. I need straight argon for aluminum, 75/25 for most steel, and 90/10 for steel spray
          I have to change the whip over anyways and usually the rollers as well.
          As soon as you upgrade you always seem to have new dilemmas.
          A triple bottle rack would work well for me and a reach feeder would be even better yet!!

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            How about a shop assistant that does nothing but fetch your stuff, change out your doofloppies and bring you a beer when you're ready? Seems like that would solve pretty much every inconvenience in the shop.


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              What a POS assistant! Mine brings me the beer just BEFORE I'm ready.


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                Thanks so much for weighing in with this, you have really helped me clear this up. Having looked more closely, I understand that the spoolgun gas is independent of the machine whereas the mig torch gas flows thru the machine. Thanks and best wishes.


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                  If you have either the 15A or 30A spool gun, here's another suggestion (especially with the 30 foot one) - dragging that multi-part cable around in dirt and gravel will eventually cause one or more parts of it to fail prematurely - and if you look up the part # for the complete cable, they go for around $300 last I checked - so I did a slight "pre-emptive strike", and bought one of these for my spool gun, and another for the 20' torch on my plasma (another $4-500 replacement) -

                  The stuff works like a chinese finger puzzle - the 1-1/2" size is large enough to fit over all the machine end connectors, but if you stretch/work it, it shrinks down to fit the cable pretty snugly. (It also gets LONGER the more you stroke it :=))

                  I figure $40 at the beginning will save me spending $300 for several more years.

                  Depending on how you treat things, I found that leaving the torch end un-covered for about 3 feet keeps that end from losing flexibility, and it's usually NOT the part that gets drug around on unfriendly territory.

                  when I'm done with my 30A, I put the gun back in its own "holster" on my add-on rack, this doubles the lead - it also gets the un-shielded part of the lead up off the ground, and leaves you HALF as much to wind up on the rack.

                  Pics are such a joke here I'm not gonna bother - but if anybody has any questions I'll do my best to clarify anything... Steve
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                    I use that stuff pretty frequently, works awesome. There is also a "split-loom" version for the times when you can't or don't want to disconnect one end. It stays on surprisingly well too.


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                      BukitCase: thanks for the advice that looks to be a winner.