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"European"style MVP plug: would a simple plug adapter work?

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  • "European"style MVP plug: would a simple plug adapter work?

    Hi all, first (or second?) post here, just bought a Multimatic 215 from the US and lugged it back to...France! So, voila, haha!

    The Miller Multimatic 215 comes with two MVP plugs, a 120v and 240v. The 240v is a NEMA 6-50. I went to a well known big box hardware store in the US and bought the Leviton NEMA 6-50r receptacle.
    My workshop is already wired up with appropriately ample breakers and wires, as the Miller is not my first welder or power hungry machine, but naturally all the plugs are 240v Type E.

    My question is: how does the machine determine correct input voltage? From the type of MVP plug used?
    Or can I use the Type B, 120v MVP plug that Miller included, and plug that into a simple Type B to Type E adapter?
    Would the Type B MVP plug handle 240 volts?
    It just screws onto the power cable which clearly CAN handle 240 volts.

    Or should I wire up the Leviton box, which is not a problem, but when (French) friends come over, they may find it odd looking, to say the least!
    Plus, I plan on welding both here in Paris, and at the in-laws' farm in Burgundy (glug glug glug!) so the Type B to E adapter would make things MUCH easier; I would rather not wire up every home I'm welding at with a Leviton receptacle....

    Any tips much appreciated, loving this forum,
    Merci, Kit
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    Electrically, you can use ANY plug to feed it ANY voltage within its acceptable range.

    So, yes, you can use the 120V plug and an adapter to plug it into your 240V receptacle. The ampacities of the devices are moot for this machine.


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      Great news, thanks MAC702!


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        The Miller machines should do just fine (exception being the older transformer based ones that would tend to be less efficient). The power grid in France is relatively clean, stable -- Paris, I believe, gets all its power from nuclear reactors. I use industrial quality (short) adapter cables on all the welders --- interchanging around a whole range of NEMA Plug, Receptacle possibilities. I like the add'l IEC color codings used across the EU.
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