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  • Miller Gold Star 400ss Help

    Hi Guys, I have a Miller Gold Star 400ss JH247941 that's giving me some troubles. Started her up one day and loss of all amperage control, so not adjusting either welding very low or max power, no fine adjusting available. I opened her up and immediately saw the rat droppings.
    There is a spot on the hall amplifier (the blue round thing) that's been chewed and also some wires.

    I have fixed all the problems I could see, but now stuck with above issue.

    So my question at last is, where can I purchase a service repair manual for these old work horses if possible? I tried the Miller help e-mail route but after two weeks figured no one available to help. Also nothing available on the inter-web or I'm doing it wrong.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Still could be the Hall device. If it's not sensing the arc you won't have control. Have you checked the remote toggle switch? If the machine thinks it is in remote you will have no control on panel. The manual you are looking for is TM-221A.


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      There's a Gold Star Tech Manual on ebay now but it's for the newer 402SS. Don't know if it would be close enough to be any help-my guess would be not.


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        Thanks for your reply, also think it is still the Hall device just need to make sure with test procedure in manual. I checked all toggle switches, potentiometers and continuity of wires, so just Hall and pcb left to check. It doesn't look like the 402ss would work, would rather get the right one.

        I don't want to throw to much money after it, if I can't fix it myself then rather scrap it and look for something else.

        Thanks again.