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MM 210 AND 3035 spoolgun

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  • MM 210 AND 3035 spoolgun

    Hello agian. I wanted to know if the MM 210 wiht the 3035 spoolgun can weld 1/4 alum with out any problems and still have a good sound weld. if not whats the max thinkness.? Also iav been tolod that it cant weld 1/4 only 1/8 due to the heat and would also melt the tips ?

    thank,s any info would help thanks. Also could andy put in his 2 cents aswell

    thanks chris

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    Should be able to, won't have much of a duty cycle however.

    (Based only on my doorchart)


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      I have the MM210 with spool gun and I have welded 3" Alum channel with it. The legs are probably 1/4". I had no problem doing it and had heat to spare. It was last fall so I don't remember my settings but I know I was not maxed out.
      Welding Alum with a spool gun takes some experience. It is easy to have your wire feed too high and lay down a nice bead that looks good but is just a bead laying on the metal not fused together. Because Alum disapates heat so well you have to make sure you are fusing the metals together. The point when this happens is just before you blow a hole in the work. That's where the experience comes in. Having the Alum CLEAN is the most important step, if you get any black on/around the weld you need to clean some more. Also making sure there is no moving air. With steel you can get by sort of, with Alum welding no air movement. tim


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        !/4" no problem. I have done it quite a bit and it is really the preferrred of my available processes for that thickness. I have made bumpers, garage doors and tool lock boxes for construction sites. I believe it is easier to do than the thin stuff. I have done multi-pass and done up to 1/2" aluminum, I know it is above the rated thickness but it is truely awesome. There are some tricks to using the spoolgun but if you decide to do it let me know and I'll help with the specifics.



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          1/4" is not even a strain for that combo unit, if your not careful you will blow through 1/4". Clean with a dedicated ss brush and have fun !!!!!!! PS, I weld aluminum almost every day with that same set up.
          250NT/ 3545 MM210/ 3035 Trailblazer 302


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            I weld 1/2" plate all the time with mine. Just did another job last night. The big seceret is preheat your weld area with a propane torch. The weld will flow like hot butter. We used to weld alum 1" thick at work with a MM250 and the old style spoolgun. But the plates had to be preheated. So clamp, heat and weld...Bob
            Bob Wright