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Miller Dailarc 250/250 Problems

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  • Miller Dailarc 250/250 Problems

    This is my 1st post and wanted to see if anyone has ever seen these problems. I have a Miller Dailarc 250/250 probably 10 years old and it seems the open circuit voltage is low and the fan doesn't work and if you touch it and something grounded it will shock you pretty good. I checked the breaker in front of the machine, it seems to be fine. I hope someone can give me an idea of which way to go the voltage is also correct.

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    First off, how is it connected to the power source? Plug or direct wired? You must have an open ground wire if you are getting shocked from the case. Is it single phase or three phase? What voltage?


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      It has a plug and I checked the ground from the plug to machine and I checked the rec all good I thought the same thing. Single phase 480volt. I wondered if that little 1" sq bridge rectifier mounted to the frame could be shorted and causing problems.


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        You were right Aeronca41 my voltage was wrong and I had lost my ground in the rec. I sold equipment for 32 years and now I'm teaching and trying to save my school a few bucks. Thanks for the advice


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          Glad you found the problem; hope that fixes it.


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            When someone tells me "all is good" and doesn't give me their testing procedure and convince me they know how to use their testing equipment, this is why I don't believe them until they do.

            THANK YOU for coming back and telling us it got resolved! To make sure it's spelled correctly somewhere in the thread so it can be found on a search later, it's "Dialarc."

            Also, you say it was 480V single-phase? Is that the error? What did it actually wind up being?