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Miller Spectrum 2050

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  • Miller Spectrum 2050

    Have a chance to pick one up for $500 supposedly brand new any input good bad or indifferent is appreciated

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    Man, I see that Craigslist ad all the time, too. All over the country when I google its description or contact info.

    That was a top of the line machine only ten years ago. Much bigger than the model I had. Was probably at around $3K, just as a guess.

    Are you able to test it first?


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      If I can't he's not seeing any of my money, I actually read an ad where some knucklehead bought one without the torch and turned the unit on. He contacted Miller who told him that would burnout the control board and it was going to be over $500 for a new board. She he's only asking $450 for a machine you need to buy a $500 board and a torch kit, is it me or is that just a wee bit messed up