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Rollcage TIG welding in Corners

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  • Rollcage TIG welding in Corners

    I was curious as to how people go about welding those hard to reach spots on rollcages. I have heard of people cutting holes in the floor for the cage and dropping it down through the car to get to those hard to reach spots, but that sounds like a lousy idea. Do other use the shortest back cap possible or what? Or do some MIG since it wont be seen?

    The pic attached shows where I am talking about where the A-pillar bar ties into the main hoop.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Best way I know of (assuming the main hoop's spreader is resting on the sills, not the silly floor) is to weld the tops before you attach it to the spreader box on the sills. That way you have the extra distance from the roof gained by it not yet resting on the sills. Once it's perimeter welded, then you yank the whole assembly onto the boxes.

    Failing that, I would drill an access hole in the roof, or failing that, take the roof off. Either of those would be a lot more structurally sound in my mind then drilling in the structure you plan to use to spread the load.


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      Quite a few people I know dropped them through the floor. These people also used through the floor subframe connectors, and tied the cage into those.


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        The pros that i sell to use a micro tig torch.


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          This is what you want.


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            Thanks for the responses guys. Looks like I will get a smaller torch then.