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S-64M with XMT-350 Mpa?

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  • S-64M with XMT-350 Mpa?

    Greetings all, looking for some information on possible S-64M compatibility with the XMT-350 MPa.

    Yes, I know, the 350 MPa is intended to run the 74 Mpa feeder. I have one of those too.

    My conundrum at the moment is that I have an essentially unused S-64M that I acquired for my XMT-304 CC/CV, but then my shop burned down and took the 304 with it, leaving me with the S-64M sitting unused in a box in my garage.

    I replaced the 304 with the 350 MPa since it doesn't seem like the S-64M is particularly well supported, and the 350 Mpa with the D-74 Mpa Plus seems like it's a "last purchase" combination.

    I'm trying to figure out what to do with the S-64M. I rather like the idea of having a spare "beater" feeder around to let me save the D-74 Mpa Plus for the specialty work that only it is capable of.

    I assume that the S-64M can run as a "dumb" feeder on the XMT-350 MPa, but using it in that capacity as a beater seems like a bit of an insult to the feeder.

    I'm wondering if the S-64M can run any of its special features talking to the XMT-350 Mpa? Or should I sell the S-64 and buy something like a S-54 for solid beater use? Buy another XMT-304 to pair with the S-64?

    If it matters, I'm pretty much just a hobby user, but I value having things done right.

    Somebody's going to tell me to just load up the D-74 and assume that it's going to outlast me. Where's the obsessive-compulsive fun in that?

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    For a "hobby user" to have the option of 'buying another XMT 304' is impressive, to say the least.

    Sorry I can't help with those combinations, but the smart people will be along soon.


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      Originally posted by MAC702 View Post
      For a "hobby user" to have the option of 'buying another XMT 304' is impressive, to say the least.
      I am not unaware that my conundrum is rather ludicrous in most people's eyes.

      I have no excuse other than that I /loathe/ being limited by the capabilities of my tools. If I am unable to do something, or something I'm doing doesn't work right, I want it to be _my_fault_ and my fault alone. Me, I can upgrade, learn, practice. The wrong or inadequate tool into which I've already sunk too much money, not so much.

      I'm willing, and fortunately usually able, to do what it takes to indulge myself in my quest to never have to buy a tool twice. Other people drive nice cars, go out to dinner or on vacations, and buy houses that other people build. My truck is 23 years old, we went out to dinner to celebrate a friend's new job once last year, and the wife and I have poured, by ourselves, a bit over 270 cubic yards of concrete on the new shop/house we're building. We're not terribly rich, but, it adds up.