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WildCat Miller w/ Waukesha VRD155 - Seeking engine service manual

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  • WildCat Miller w/ Waukesha VRD155 - Seeking engine service manual

    Have come on here in the past about minor issues on the welder end but at this time am seeking a manual for the engine itself. As mentioned in the title it is the Waukesha 155 diesel and the SN places the rig in '81 so a manual covering years before and after should suffice. I've had little luck finding anything pertaining to this engine...better results for the gas version but I don't see it being of any help.

    I have the manual (somewhere) on the welder itself but it doesn't cover the ENGINE.

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    That was the wrong link can't up load it I did find it it came up Clark waukesha 155 diesel just do a google search should be right there any pics of your machine ?


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      Miller doesn't cover the engines. They go by the engine mfg for parts and service...Bob
      Bob Wright

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        For some reason I have to log back in each time I want to post...

        Tried "Clark Waukesha 155 diesel" but the 1st link...though PDF...seems nonsensical (just the name seems questionable) and it redirects me to a "". Most links that show up seem questionable...

        Don't currently have any images of my welder but the link below is for the same model (though more weathered).

        EDIT: Correction I have 1 image of the rig in question...the above link however is still good for showing its overall likeness. (NOTE: Okay scratch that...can't be mine since the lower frame below the windows on mine are black. Looks the same though...except mine has more oil film on the visible side of the engine from a leaky valve cover).
        Click image for larger version  Name:	3292136_2PT008L37.jpg Views:	1 Size:	142.3 KB ID:	585953
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          Try calling Jensales at 1-800-443-0625
          they have a lot of Waukesha parts and say if you need a part or manual not shown on their site, give a call. Nothing to lose.


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            Try calling Jensales at 1-800-443-0625
            lots of Waukesha parts and their site says call them if you need a part or manual not listed.

            sorry for the dupe post. First attempt gave an error, but then showed up.


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              Will do.


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                Sorry bout that link seemed to kick over to some spam crap I did find a PDF but
                The site won't let me attach it
                didn't know they had waukesha diesels in millers pretty cool ..


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                  I think you found the same thing I did. Haven't called that # yet but from what I could tell the site does have parts for the engine...once confirmed this will be a VERY good sign.Hopefully they also have the manual.

                  Best I can tell the Trailblazer would have had the gas version of the Waukesha...the VRG 155. In fact on the right hand side of the engine I believe there is a spot covered with a plate that would have been for a distributor. I guess they share blocks..

                  I did manage to FINALLY find the timing mark. Using a flat screwdriver and rag I was able to remove the brown gunk...a few degrees at a time when moving the crank. It was indeed obscured...and didn't help that the line was faint to start with. With that done I'll make some alignment marks on the pump//engine mounting so when all is back together timing should be good.
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