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Xmt 350 vs Help1 fault code.

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  • Xmt 350 vs Help1 fault code.

    I was having problems getting it to turn on, found the disconnected feed to the switch. Now that it powers on, everything appears to work, until I touch the electrode, I get a tiny spark, and then no output with a help 1 error code. Any ideas on where to start? I am mechanically inclined, and can work my way through most flow charts, and diagrams. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Help 1 indicates a primary power circuit problem. Is this a new to you machine? If so, is it wired properly for your power supply?
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      Serial Number please...


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        It is wired properly (single phase 220v, with the red wire from the welder capped) my 180 autoset does work fine on the outlet I'm using. The sticker on the back where I would assume the serial number would be is blank. Not sure if this was a demo unit or not maybe. I got it as trade for labor on some side work. He knew little about it other than it was in a gm plant that his company cleaned out. It had one wire disconnected at the power switch, and the bolt laying in the bottom of the case. Not sure if that was from transporting or not. But after connecting, it powers on, makes the sizzling sound, and as soon as I touch the electrode down, I get a tiny spark, and the help1 fault shows in the display. Is there a location other than the sticker with the serial number? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.