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Is combining generator and Welding amperage possible big blue

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  • Is combining generator and Welding amperage possible big blue

    Miller big blue pro 300

    I had an idea but did not know if it would work nor has anyone tried it I was concerned can you combine the amperage of the welder and Generator together to have more generator power if you were using the unit as a generator only

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    Are you an engineer out to design a system to do so or are you asking if that capability exists in the machine? Not in there now. Could be done but would require an external inverter system connected to the weld output with it's own regulation capability. Would not be cheap. You might better go buy a generator.


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      Good luck getting those phasing differences sync'd up . It's doable, but will require some added equipment ($$)
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        All the Big blues I’ve used we’re dc only weld output machines.
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