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  • Seismic wire

    Somebody help me please. Im running Hobart xlr-8. 1/16th wire and getting so much porosity and chicken scratches its driving me insane. I certified on 1 inch plate 4g with Lincoln 233 seismic wire with no problems at all. The lincoln wire was 5/64th and i was pushing 330 amps thru it on my cert plate. I run daily 7/64th hardfacing wire with no problems either at 420 amps at 28 volts. Is it because im used to bigger wire or what? I set it to hobarts specs and then again i bumped it up lowered it down to no avail. I dont want to be that guy that cant run that wire and i also dont want to be that guy that is grinding all his welds out because they failed inspection. Ive been welding a minute and have alot of certs but this making me look like a straight rookie. Please help

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    I've had very good luck with Hobart wires; however, I don't do cert work like that, but run a lot of wire anyway.

    Since it's not gas shielded, do you think moisture is a factor? I know self shielded wire gets a little squirrely if stored for some time unprotected in high humidity environments. Also, did you preheat to remove any chance of moisture in the work piece?
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      The wire was fresh outof the box and no i didn't preheat. I figured quarter inch iron would be ok with no heat. I will give it a try luckily i have other welding to do i am an ironworker so if i screw it up i will never hear the end of it. I just found it weird i ran the big wire with ease from day one. I appreciate the advice will give it a try later today and let u know how it goesÂÂ*


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        Sorry so long to update but the preheat did the trick. Thanks for the help. Never would have dreamed it on 1/4" material. Learn something new everyday .Thanks again. Im now a happy ironworker again lol