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  • 300 syncrowave

    was hoping someone could help when i try my tig the contactor switched to remote i only get the hi freq no amps is this a common problem thank .jim

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    Jim, might I suggest you give a little bit more information, like: this is a new problem because it worked yesterday, I'm welding on DCEN, it will stick weld, etc...

    And post your serial number so guys can take a peek at the manual for your machine and make sure they're not missing something on whatever version of that machine of yours that is not doing what you want it to do.


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      If your Hf is working, the timer pcb is most likely ok. The control pcb will have to be checked. Check all inputs and power supplies.
      If the contactor on signal is making to the control pcb. it may be bad. and it will have to be repaired.
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