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Sale advice on Miller syncro 351

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  • Sale advice on Miller syncro 351

    hello, I have a Miller Syncrowave 351 that I'm trying to sell. Could use some help on a suggested bottom line price and possible places to post it for sale. I have it on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace and fb yardsale groups, letgo app and OfferUp app. Had it originally posted for 3300 but have since come down to 2650. The only interest I'm getting is from people claiming they only have a certain amount of money and they really want it so I should sell it to them for under 2k, which I think would be ridiculous. Please let me know what you guys think? Bottom line price? Other suggestions for posting ad?
    The ad I have posted.

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    Maybe that's all your local market can support. Or hold out for the right buyer. Depends on how fast you want it gone.