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    Hey guys, a buddy of mine and I both really enjoy welding and we were thinking about starting a welding business building fence and other things. Has anyone on here done this and maybe has some advice you could give? I'm curious if we would need any certifications to do this. We already have some power tools, oxy acetylene torch setup, and a trailer, but we would need to get a welder/generator. Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Good luck. Find anything you can as in tools you will need them. The welder is up to you and your $$$ bottom line. Been there and don't want to go back...Bob
    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      Have you ever been in business for yourself or is this the first venture? Having a partner can be especially difficult in a business, if you don't listen to the Welding Tips and Tricks podcast I'd recommend listening to at least episodes 6 and 61, these are about building a welding business


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        I'm a novice at welding but as a CPA I know a little bit about business. If you want to stay friends with your buddy, do not go into business with him. If you insist on doing so, sit down together NOW while you are still friends and write down every possible outcome of the business - the good, the bad & the ugly - and put in writing how you two will handle each possible outcome. Who will buy the other one out and how the value will be determined. This way, emotions will not affect how you handle the outcome when it arises and you might end the business still being friends. Be sure to get legal advice in your state so that your business is legal and your personal assets are protected. Make sure you understand all the tax implications for your business and develop a budget and know where your business cash flow is coming from. Talk to a local banker and develop a banking relationship now, before you need to borrow. Hopefully, you'll love what you do and it won't feel like work everyday. Get a good CPA to assist you with all the business aspects of the venture. Good luck and may God bless your business.