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68 F-163 Redface dies in high idle

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  • 68 F-163 Redface dies in high idle

    Okay, so i have a 1968 Lincoln redface F163 and its struggling to maintain high idle when welding or shuts off when i plug in a grinder and use it. But when i turn on the machine in the morning, it maintains low idle with no issues....only when in high idle is when this machine wants to be a pain. Could it be a misadjustment on the high idle screw? Rpm's need to be set right? I have not messed with the carb, mag or just started to do this one day.

    Plus, the temp gauges read high. The only things i have replaced was the thermostat and head gasket...and yet the temp reads high. Could it be trapped air? Or a clogged radiator or water pump? Fan shroud is bolted on right and the fan is a 4 blade type, they are spaced so proper air flow can pass through. The head block is not cracked by the way.

    only stuff that i replaced was
    Spark plugs
    Straight Pipe Muffler
    Oil & Filter
    Fuel lines & Filter
    Head Gasket
    Head bolts
    Radiator Cap

    Other than that, the Alternator, Starter, Flywheel, Oil Pump, Brushes and Commutators are good. Machine turns on no problem.

    if its any help, oil pressure reading is 27-29 psi low idle...and 30-35 psi high idle

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    My first thought might be that the ignition timing might be off. Here is an article I found on this subject:
    Hope this helps.