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Good Price for Used 350p?

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  • Good Price for Used 350p?

    I’ve been searching craigslist for a used 350p and have only come across two in the last 3 months. I see a listing now, but it looks cosmetically rough and is about 10yrs old according to the serial number.

    It only has <1,000 arc hours though, so would like opinions on condition and price. I’ve seen in other threads people picking them up much cheaper. Not sure if I just need to be patient or reset my expectations.


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    Man it looks like that machine has been used hard. They must have had a short lead or were welding over the machine. $2800 might be a bit much and should be a little negotiable.


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      The savings over a new machine with a warranty had better be well above and beyond what a board replacement or other major repair would cost, just in case.


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        Man, if you guys think that looks rough, I'd hate for you to see my MM250....of course, I did salvage it from under a tree where she sat in someone's yard out in the weather for a couple years....


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          Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
          Man, if you guys think that looks rough, I'd hate for you to see my MM250...
          And how many computers are in that old sucker?


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            What do you guys consider high hours on a 350P?


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              Well if it had 1000hrs of actual arc time you would know they had seriously used it. I would shy away if it had say 10.000 unless it was dirt cheap.
              I'm betting if the right components failed and were replaced it would start counting hours over again. Not sure on that. Some things are better used well than just sitting around and never used.
              All that's really gonna wear out is the drive mechanism. The gun etc. is replaceable.
              All that said I would much rather buy new and have warranty. Not enough difference in price, and if you can swing it, you'll never regret it.

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