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    Ran my new Multimatic 215 last night for the first time. Below is a quick review of my experience.

    Played with the 215 a little last night, in MIG mode, on 1/8" . Ran an .030 and .035 wire with C25. The arc quality is good. Miller definitely messed up though by not giving the unit an inductance control. To me the arc needs a touch more inductance to help wet the puddle out a little better, because the beads tend to be a touch on the ropey side.

    At first the arc starts were OK at best. Rotating the spool hub by hand, without spring tension applied, I noticed there was some drag. So I applied some silicone spray to a paper towel, then wiped the spool hub spindle shaft down with this silicone soaked towel. After applying silicone to the spool hub spindle shaft, the spool hub rotated much more freely, and the arc starts became very good.

    The Auto-set output produces good results. However, the output range, for 1/8" at least, is on the hot side. There is a hole in the auto-set output between 14ga and 1/8" that isn't covered that would have worked much better for 1/8".

    To see if there was any difference in the arc and puddle wet out, I gave the C100 and stainless steel process selections a try, using C25. I saw no difference in the arc or puddle wet out when selecting C100, C25, or stainless steel. So the process selection just seems to be for selecting the auto-set programming. I was originally assuming that the process selection would produce an inductance or slope change. However since I didn't see a softer arc or improved puddle wet out with the stainless setting, I was obviously wrong. I don't have a need to weld stainless steel at home, however, I don't see the unit being a very good stainless unit.

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    Originally posted by Danny View Post
    ... inductance ...
    Remember that you can also add some inductance by wrapping your work lead around a suitable core.